She’s almost here! Minerva and the Weavers of Fate

After many years of planning, writing, revising and editing, Minerva’s story is finally here!

Here is the back cover copy: Sick of moving every time her lightning hands erupt in the human world, Minerva Pearlstar begs her mom to sign the acceptance letter to Asgard School for heksen in Midgard, Maine.
Minerva adores the Viking themed tourist town, where displaced fairytale folk pretend to be humans pretending to be tourist attractions.
But in a town supposedly welcoming to all magical beings, Minerva finds familiar prejudices, especially against the refugee mages who fled their murderous queen.
The same queen whose son arrives in Midgard on the exact day as Minerva. Worse, Minerva is instantly and inexplicably drawn to the moon-pale Prince Thorn.
Furious that everyone else is manipulating her life, Minerva takes on the Norns, the Weavers of Fate, to unravel their work and recreate her own ending to an ancient, deadly tale.

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