My Books


Minerva Pearlstar And The Weavers Of Fate

Sick of moving every time her lightning hands erupt in the human world, Minerva Pearlstar begs her mom to sign the acceptance letter to Asgard School for heksen in Midgard, Maine.

Minerva adores the Viking themed tourist town, where displaced fairytale folk pretend to be humans pretending to be tourist attractions.

But in a town supposedly welcoming to all magical beings, Minerva finds familiar prejudices, especially against the refugee mages who fled their murderous queen.

The same queen whose son arrives in Midgard on the exact day as Minerva. Worse, Minerva is instantly and inexplicably drawn to the moon-pale Prince Thorn.

Furious that everyone else is manipulating her life, Minerva takes on the Norns, the Weavers of Fate, to unravel their work and recreate her own ending to an ancient, deadly tale.


Fate of the Fallen

When all hell breaks loose in Chicago, Eva Dantanian, top agent for the Demonic Management Agency, is the first one called to help. The 700 year old daughter of a fallen angel enjoys working out her frustrations kicking demon ass… until her mission puts her in a race to save a missing child. When family becomes foe and foe becomes ally, deep secrets and betrayals rip her family apart. As the pieces fall into place, Eva is faced with the horrible truth. To save the innocents under her protection, she must kill one of her own kind.

Pandora's Jar (Veil Walker Book 1)

It’s hard enough being seventeen, but when your boyfriend’s a were-panther and your mom’s dating a soul sucker, things can only get worse. Pandora’s seen ghosts since she was a kid. She’s a veil walker and she can bring back the spirits of the dead, but why would she want to do that? She has enough trouble getting rid of the ones stuck on this side. One annoyingly perky ghost wants Pandora to find her killer. Her boyfriend, Joseph, doesn’t like the idea, but Nancy can get pretty pushy when she wants something. When Nancy identifies her killer, she begs Pandora to confront him before he can kill again. But her plan backfires and the killer drags Pandora to his killing grounds in the woods. Will Pandora suffer the same fate as his other victims or will help arrive in time to save her?

Requiem for the Undead (Vampire Wars Book 1)

An ancient religious text is unearthed in the Romanian mountains. The vampire Ian needs the book to exorcise the blood thirsty demon possessing his body. Gabriella seeks to hide the book’s dangerous spells. Both become targets for the Church of the Damned, a vampire cult building an army of day-walkers by impregnating mortal virgins. The church will use the Requiem to raise the Seven Sorrows – the seven plague demons who will spread apocalyptic pestilence and sickness throughout the world. Gabriella and Ian are thrust together to keep the book safe from the insane leader of the cult. While fighting relentless pursuits and betrayals, they find their desire to possess the book has morphed into a dangerous and passionate desire to possess each other.


My name is Sin. I killed a man in self-defense when I was sixteen. Not something a girl wants to brag about. My dad wanted to lock me up in the nut house, but Mom sent me packing to my great aunts in St. Charles, IL. They’re ancient druid priestesses, and they make me look like a pacifist. I’d barely unpacked before the aunts sent me to find the stolen hellhounds. Without the hounds to herd them to the underworld, the souls of the dead are flocking to the cities in murders of crows. If they’re still hanging around after three days, they’ll turn into flesh eating, brain feasting zombies. Van, an annoying but uber-hot Fey Prince, joins us in the hunt to find the hounds before the zombies overrun St. Charles and turn the cities into cemeteries.

The Boatman

If you lost everyone you loved, would you still fight to save the world that destroyed them? The world has been promised to the demons, once the last human is gone, but even they must adhere to the rules set down by the monarchs of heaven. True to their nature, the demons decide to speed thing up a bit. They are reanimating the mortal dead with the most evil of demon society, interfering with presidents, emperors, terrorists, and the media to create havoc on earth and ensuring Armageddon. A demon calling himself “The Boatman” leads the clandestine war against mankind. Manny Rapier receives a phone call that shreds her perfect life. Her sister has walked off a second floor balcony, falling to her death. Far worse, she carried her infant daughter with her. From the depths of her darkest grief, Dr. Rapier must turn inside herself, and find the hero she was born to be—the only person alive who can save humanity from the clutches of The Boatman. Many offer their allegiance to Manny, but when demons and angels all look the same, whom do you trust?

To Kill a Vampire – A Paranormal Romance of the Deadliest Kind

Angelica Gentillini’s mundane life is violently sideswiped the night Erik Kestler appears at her table at a Chicago nightclub, claiming to come from a terrible future to save her life from Vladimir, leader of the vampire population. Vlad wants Angelica dead before she writes her book, “To Kill a Vampire,” a story exposing the vampire’s greatest vulnerabilities to the mortal world. Over two weeks, the story weaves between Erik and Angelica’s frantic escape, and present day Erik Kestler, loving husband and father who has no idea the violent end about to tear apart his beloved family or the virulent parallel life he has lived for nearly two centuries. Two worlds collide when Erik the vampire kills his creator to save Angelica, losing his soul in the process. Now Angelica must rush to save present day Erik before Vlad appears at his home and history repeats itself, with Erik’s family destroyed and her one great love losing his soul forever.

Walking Sticks: The Gift (The Walking Sticks)

When her best friend gifts her with an eerily realistic skull walking stick, Riva’s already crappy life descends into terror. As if dealing with the local queen bitch out for revenge and her drunk mother weren’t bad enough, Riva’s “gift” has sprung to life, unleashing a spirit hell bent on stealing her body. A curse set into motion. Three possessed walking sticks, three girls turning to wood. Riva won’t go down without a fight, but can she reverse the magic before it’s too late.

Storm Surge (An Orten International Thriller)

When international private investigator, Jack Orten hires on to protect a businesswoman and her daughter from a serial killer threatening their lives, he discovers the killer is one of a number of genetically engineered assassins implanted into American society.

As a CAT 5 hurricane rages ashore in the Tampa Bay area, Jack struggles to keep his feelings for Julie in check and her young daughter safe while battling nature and an unstoppable monster. Trusting it all to family or love may not be enough to save them.