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I have always admired the intelligence, humor, and creativity of a good book. A great book, even a non-magical one, contains magical elements that make it absolutely divine to read. This magic is the gift of great storytelling. My life has been a joyful journey through fictional stories and mythologies. I have devoured countless books, … Read more


Can somebody help me out finding the full birthdays of relatives of the Kennedy family ? I ‘m still missing 20 incomplete birthdays and 3 names with no date at all Thanks FAMILY TREE Patrick Joseph Kennedy John Francis Fitzgerald 01/08/1858-05/18/1929 02/11/1863-10/02/1950 M : 11/23/1887 M : 09/18/1889 Mary Augusta Hickey Mary Josephine Hammon 12/06/1857-05/20/1923 … Read more


“LIFE IS UNFAIR” THE TRUTHS AND LIES ABOUT JOHN F. KENNEDY Eddy J. Neyts TOME 1 Genealogy Text of Anna and Dan Fenn Tribute to Dan H. Fenn Jr. Author’s note 1. The influence of the parents on John F. Kennedy’s preparation for the Presidency Quote : Mothers may still want their favorite son to … Read more


“All historians are influenced by the present when writing history and thus all historical writing is transitory. There never can be a definite account for all ages because every age has a different view of the past. History is a progress of “argument without end”. Pieter Geyl, Dutch historian.


For the past three decades, Eddy Neyts has systematically combed through the literature on John F. Kennedy to assess what authors have said on the key questions concerning the former president and his career. From that labor has resulted own in-depth study. Life is Unfair, an impressive achievement that helps us better understand a remarkable American … Read more