Minerva Pearlstar and the Weavers of Fate


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Sharron Riddle

Sharron lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and sweet bully, Dr. Watson. She loves reading almost as much as she does writing. Her bookshelves are filled with classics as well as her favorite modern authors. She wrote her first novel more than 12 years ago. Once she began typing, she never stopped.

Sharron loves all things scary, and shares her love of the macabre in her adult and young adult paranormal adventures.

Minerva Pearlstar and the Weavers of Fate

Sick of moving every time her lightning hands erupt in the human world, Minerva Pearlstar begs her mom to sign the acceptance letter to Asgard School for heksen in Midgard, Maine.

Minerva adores the Viking themed tourist town, where displaced fairytale folk pretend to be humans pretending to be tourist attractions.

My Books

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